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Mason Zimbler is a creative integrated digital marketing agency, specialising in working with technology organisations.

Their client, a highly innovative manufacturing company with more than 55,000 products based on 40-plus core technologies; who for certain industrial products the company uses third party distributors to sell their products and were looking for a way to incentivise these distributors to sell products to new customers.

Their existing solution required considerable internal resource to administrate the programme and the distributors were frustrated in that they once they had submitted their sales numbers, nothing happened and they felt it was a ‘black hole’.


Mason Zimbler were tasked with producing a new incentive site that would keep the distributors involved and active within the site, whilst significantly reducing the internal administrative burden.

 An innovative idea for a system based on the cockpit of a aircraft with competing sales displayed as a radar monitor. Teams with particularly good sales were also automatically promoted to have a cockpit of a more advanced aircraft such as from a Cessna to a 737.

Ballard Chalmers was selected by Mason Zimbler to architect, build, implement and maintain the system.

One of the biggest issues from the outset was to actually workout how to bring thousands of product codes and specifications into an easy to use format. Ballard Chalmers instantly understood the client’s complex business processes and was able structure the site accordingly and present the data in a simple and easy to understand format.

The cockpit was developed in Flash, backed up with .NET and SQL Server. The whole system is Internet (cloud) enabled so it can be accessed from the distributors and by the sales team while they are on the road. Back office screens are provided to enable the verification of sales data and to automatically assign monthly prizes to the winning teams.


The system was incredibly successful, with three additional departments adopting the same solution to provide incentives to their distributors. 

"Ballard Chalmers brought the whole concept to life. They rapidly grasped the complexity of the business processes involved and created an easy to use tool that has since been expanded significantly. Ballard Chalmers are the experts you can rely on to deliver, easy to work with and cost effective - a fantastic extension to the team," said the Managing Director at Mason Zimbler.


Ballard Chalmers is one of the UK’s leading enterprise software engineering companies, specialising in development for the Microsoft Enterprise Application Platform. We are principally dedicated to software development and integration for the Microsoft Cloud, as well as on-premises and hybrid systems. Our expertise is in Microsoft .NET, SQL Server, BizTalk Server and SharePoint Server.

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