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Development and support of cloud-based software is core to our business and has been since 1998 with the move to browser based software systems. Our pioneering work included online enterprise business systems developed for the likes of GE, Hitachi, Hewlett-Packard, and many more. This expertise continues today with a focus on the Microsoft Azure Cloud and supporting all aspects of migrating enterprise business systems to the Azure Cloud.

Our specialisation is the design, development and integration of custom enterprise software systems. We focus our expertise on Microsoft .NET and SQL Server based applications, and utilising the SharePoint Server platform where appropriate for business process management, document management and collaboration systems; and BizTalk Server for enterprise systems integration, for which we are one of the very few deep experts in the UK.

Once developed, we provide ongoing Support services for all of our systems when required, and then ongoing future enhancements and upgrades as your technical partner for the long term.

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On-premises based software remains a vital requirement today, particularly where specific security or legislative requirements demand it. Also, there remains a legacy of working enterprise systems deployed on-premises, which will continue to require enhancements, upgrades and support for the foreseeable future, saving the costs of replacement. We continue to develop, enhance and support enterprise systems for on-premises deployment, including for the NHS, Transport for London, and other public institutions.

Application modernisation is the redevelopment or enhancement of legacy software systems to align them with changed business needs, in order to create renewed and future business value from existing applications. Ballard Chalmers is expert in consulting on implementing application modernisation programmes so that on-premises systems continue to deliver value and save on the costs of replacement. Application modernisation programmes also can include integrating legacy systems with new online systems (such as Microsoft Navision, Salesforce, and so on), as a hybrid solution. 



Mobile functionality is now central to many, if not most new custom business systems. Enabling mobile and distributed staff to access systems, view data, and interact with them has become crucially important for business efficiency. In fact today, in most cases we ensure our new-build systems are natively mobile-enabled from the outset. Key to this is Xamarin technology, allowing rapid cross-platform development of mobile applications. And where required, we can of course also develop native iOS and Android applications. 


Hybrid systems refers to an amalgamation of Cloud systems, on-premises systems, or a combination of these, connected to provide interoperability, access, and visibility of data and business collaboration.

The key value of hybrid systems is retaining existing deeply embedded and highly valuable back-office systems, and adding Cloud systems ‘on top’ of these to enable extended functionality and data visibility. Most systems can be connected using API or other functionality, and where appropriate, BizTalk Server provides a full enterprise connectivity layer to deliver massively complex systems integrations.

As one of the leading experts in Microsoft BizTalk in the UK, Ballard Chalmers is one of a very few select companies that can fully support a hybrid enterprise system project fully with our Consultancy, Project, and Resourcing services. 

Delivery methodology

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Delivery: SQL Development, Azure Integration

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Ballard Chalmers is one of the UK’s leading enterprise software engineering companies, specialising in development for the Microsoft Enterprise Application Platform. We are principally dedicated to software development and integration for the Microsoft Cloud, as well as on-premises and hybrid systems. Our expertise is in Microsoft .NET, SQL Server, BizTalk Server and SharePoint Server.

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