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SQL Server 2014 — Powerful database functionality for your business

Sql Server 2014

SQL Server 2014 was launched on April 1st. So what would an upgrade do for your organisation?

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Well, as your business grows so do the demands you place on the databases that help run your organisation. Whether for inventory, online sales transactions, or customer management, a slow-performing or unavailable database can create bottlenecks in the way your employees do their jobs – and cause your customers to take their business elsewhere.
A solution is SQL Server 2014. How?:

You get faster transactions on existing hardware
Speed up transactions without having to buy new hardware using new, higher memory limits in SQL Server 2014 Standard Edition. And with new in-memory technology built-in to SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition, businesses are able to perform transactions an average of 10x faster on the same hardware.

You avoid downtime – for your database and your organisation
SQL Server 2014 also includes built-in capabilities that help ensure your database – and your business – is always up and running. For example, you can reduce downtime associated with software patching by 50-60% with SQL Server support for Windows Server Core1.

It’s the most widely used database
With SQL Server, you get a proven database you can rely on. With an install base in the millions, SQL Server’s business-class data platform capabilities are the most widely used on the planet2.

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1 The percentage reduction in patching varies and can be less based on the server roles that are enabled and the type of patches that are applied.
2 46% market share per IDC Unit Share.

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