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SQL Server 2019 now available in public preview

There were plenty of exciting announcements made on day one of this year’s Microsoft Ignite conference, taking place from 24 – 28 September 2018. Among them was the announcement of the release of SQL Server 2019 in public preview.

With SQL Server 2019 you can create a single virtual data layer that is accessible to nearly every application. You can also streamline big data management using Hadoop Distributed File System and Spark built-in, enabling you to analyse your data using the tools of your choice. Of the latter feature, Asad Khan, Principal PM Manager of SQL Server at Microsoft, said in a blog posted on the Microsoft website, “As the volume and variety of data increases, customers need to easily integrate and analyze data across all types of data. Now, for the first time ever, SQL Server 2019 creates a unified data platform with Apache Spark and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) packaged together with SQL Server as a single, integrated solution.” In addition to this new feature, there are also the anticipated upgrades to security, availability and overall performance.

You can get all the details about SQL Server 2019 in Asad Khan’s blog here. Information is also available, including a white paper, infographic and datasheet, on the SQL Server 2019 website here.

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