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The Release of Azure Stack HCI Solutions

At the end of March, Microsoft Azure announced Azure Stack HCI solutions are now available to customers who want to run virtualized applications on modern hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). This enables a decrease in expenses and better performance.

Azure Stack has been available since 2017 as the only workable solution for those running on cloud applications using laaS and PaaS services across public cloud, on-premises, and in disconnected environments. It did not support virtualized applications, which most companies also need as an integral part of enterprise work.

With Azure Stack HCI solutions, all of the Azure Stack features for integration, such as, Azure for hybrid capabilities, site recovery and cloud-based backup are still available all while operating in the hybrid cloud.

Microsoft designed Azure Stack HCI to run on virtualized applications on-premises in a familiar way. IT admins can even use Windows Admin Center for easy integration with the Azure hybrid services.

Azure Stack vs Azure Stack HCI Solutions

A common misunderstanding is the difference between Azure Stack and Azure Stack HCI solutions. They have a few similarities and differences.

Both feature Hyper-V based software-defined compute, storage and networking technologies. They differ in that Azure Stack runs Azure laaS and Paas services on premises, to build cloud applications anywhere. Whereas Azure Stack HCI solutions are specially designed to run virtualised workloads with hyperconverged efficiency. Connecting to Azure only when needed for hybrid scenarios.

You will not be able to upgrade from Azure Stack HCI to Azure Stack or Azure but migrations will be enabled and pain-free.

Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy

Every enterprise needs its own hybrid cloud strategy, there is no one-size-fits-all scenario. But the release of Azure Stack HCI solutions will certainly ease the implementation of any hybrid cloud strategy. For any help and advice on your hybrid cloud strategy or system integration, contact us today.


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