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Massive Expansion for UK Azure

As the UK continues to embrace the move to the cloud, Microsoft Azure is becoming more and more in demand. Microsoft, as ever on the pulse of customer’s needs, has just doubled the size of its UK Azure regions.

This will build upon Microsoft’s UK presence while facilitating the UK’s digital transformation, which is already well underway. Since they were first brought online in 2016, this change sees an increase in computer capacity by 1500%!


UK Azure Availability Zones

Additionally, with this large investment saw the launch of southern UK Azure Availability Zones. These zones provide access to separate, physical locations within an Azure region – which in the UK are South and West. They have independent networking, power and cooling, as well as increased protection while using Microsoft’s Cloud.

A large advantage of Availability Zones is Microsoft’s guarantee of connectivity to at least one instance 99.99% of the time. Thus, increasing confidence in delivery, and protection from potential hardware and software failures.


The Public Sector

Many large public sector companies are already using the Azure Cloud, such as the Department of Education, HM Revenue and Customs and NHS Blood and Transplant. The ability to host potentially sensitive information securely and locally should see a continued increase in the public sector’s confidence in and use of the cloud.

We have a long history of working with the public sector to deliver high-end bespoke software as well as maintenance and support, and we look forward to the continued expansion into the cloud and the improved efficiency it can create.


Moving to the Azure Cloud

If you would like to discuss moving to the cloud or hybrid system or need an enterprise consultation, our leading experts are on hand to help. With experience running back to 1998, pioneering work with online enterprise systems and a Microsoft Gold partnership you’ll be working with the experts. Contact us here.



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