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Expansion in IoT as Microsoft Buys Express Logic

Recent news in the world of IoT is that Microsoft has bought Express Logic and is rolling out ThreadX as additional support for IoT devices. It will be free through Azure Sphere, Microsoft’s top operating system in the microcontroller space.

In 2018, Microsoft committed $5 billion in investment into IoT and the intelligent edge. Since then there has been a rollout of investments in product innovation and new partnerships. Microsoft buying Express Logic is the next big step in this strategy.

This acquisition will grow the number of devices that can easily connect to Azure, with new connected endpoints expanding by billions. This will empower new intelligent edge capabilities.

Express Logic

Express Logic is already a leader in real-time operating systems (RTOS) for IoT. As well as edge devices powered by microcontroller units (MCUs). In fact, ThreadX is already deployed in over 6.2 billion devices. The huge reach of the RTOS, ThreadX is derived from the demand for technology to support resource-constrained environments, particularly those requiring safety and security.

This acquisition will enable the option of ThreadX RTOS for real-time processing requirements on an Azure Sphere device. In the reverse, devices already powered by ThreadX will now be able to connect to Azure IoT Edge devices. When IOT solutions require edge computing this will be an extremely useful ability.

Microsoft and IoT

IoT is a rapidly expanding sphere and sensors are being added to everything from industrial machinery to our home devices. More than ever these are connected directly to the cloud.

From lightbulbs to heating and air conditioning, from hospital equipment to home smart devices IoT is invading all aspects of life. Even microcontroller units (MCUs) with less than 64KB of flash memory can use Express Logic solutions, continuing to grow the reach of IoT.

Microsoft has made another step towards simplifying IoT in all levels of its reach. Addressing developer tools, software and intelligent cloud services. The purchase of Express Logic will certainly see continued expansion in this area and increased scalability, application and client satisfaction.

Ballard Chalmers and IoT

Ballard Chalmers recently worked on the IoT Hub for a client to deliver data from many microcontrollers for analysis and streamed data. This allowed close to real-time results for actionable insights on live information. To see how we can help you, contact us today.


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