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Azure DevOps New Features

Microsoft has recently rolled out a series of changes to make it easier for enterprises to embrace DevOps. Scott Guthrie, executive vice president for AI and cloud at Microsoft, told attendees of Microsoft Build that their focus is on making it easier to build applications that can be deployed in hybrid cloud computing environments anchored around the Azure Cloud.

Specific Changes

Here are all the releases and changes we know of so far. And it is clear to see that Microsoft is serious about achieving their goal.

  • The ability to address both continuous integration and continuous delivery within the same YAML file using Azure Pipelines. This means it can be stored and tracked in source control.
  • The extension of Azure Pipelines to provide tighter integration with GitHub and Kubernetes. This will enable Azure Pipelines to automate everything from creating container images to deploying the workload.
  • The launch of Kubernetes-based event driven autoscaling (KEDA) project. This makes it possible to run Azure functions on top of Kubernetes clusters.
  • The extension of Azure IoT Edge runtime to Kubernetes to enable IoT applications to be deployed on Kubernetes and Azure SQL DB Edge. This makes it possible to deploy a database on ARM or x86 systems deployed at the network edge.
  • The launch of Microsoft MLOps, which applies DevOps principles to deploying artificial intelligence (AI) models using the GitOps workflow.
  • The launch of Azure SQL Database Serverless, which allows organizations to consume a database service on a per-second billing basis on the Azure cloud.
  • The launch of, a framework for building AI models.
  • The availability of the full Linux subsystem within Windows 10 and the ability to link IoT devices to the Azure cloud without writing code.

As DevOps best practices continue to gain wide adoption, Microsoft is working diligently to make it easier for organizations that have previously struggled to implement continuous delivery. The above launches, though many are in preview, will be sure to help this progress and we will look out for further releases and updates.

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