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Azure Data Share

Available in public preview July 15th is the brand-new Azure Data Share – a new service for sharing data between organizations.

In our rapidly advancing technological world, data is becoming more and more important, with variety, type and volume exponentially increasing. With the growth of data comes the need to share it, as with collaboration we often gain the most insight, be it from business partners or third parties.

Currently, sharing large amounts of data outside of an organization can be costly, not secure, complex and often just not possible with scale. File transfer protocol (FTP) or web APIs are the most common but they require custom development and infrastructure to manage and even so often do not meet enterprise standards.

The new Microsoft service, Azure Data Share, addresses all of these factors. Offering a simple and safe solution for sharing big data, with no code to write or infrastructure to manage, it couldn’t be simpler.

Simple Safe Big Data Sharing with Azure Data Share

In this preview, big data can be shared with external organizations using Azure Blob Storage and Azure Data Lake Storage. New services will continue to be added.

As it is a fully managed Azure service, Azure Data Share requires no infrastructure and scales up easily to meet big data demands.

Directly from the Azure portal, with just a few clicks, data professionals can choose what data to share and with whom. The interface is completely intuitive making sharing easy and productive.

Additional features include the ability to schedule automatic sharing for new or amended data on specific datasets, or to stop future updates.

Azure Data Share gives data professionals even greater control over their data and all sharing relationships with the ability to govern use, by terms of use, for each data share created.

Azure data share protects data by using underlying Azure security measures such as encryption, authentication and access controls.

Learn more about Azure Data Share with this video:


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