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What’s New in Xamarin

July was a big month for Xamarin – with the first-ever Xamarin Developer Summit. With that, came a lot of new feature and upgrade announcements.

With more and more applications needing a cross-platform mobile app, Xamarin is always evolving. And we are continuously on the lookout for improving our mobile application development with these tools.

Here is a roundup of what is new and coming soon for Xamarin.


  • Xamarin.Essentials is getting support for watchOS, tvOS, and Tizen.
  • Free tier for App Center and Azure AD support for Xamarin apps.
  • iOS 13 support for Xamarin now in preview.


  • Xamarin.Forms Shell and Visual
  • CarouselView and CollectionView make it simpler and more efficient when scrolling through lists of objects.
  • Currently in private preview: XAML Hot Reload for Xamarin.Forms. A new tool that allows you to save your XAML file and see it immediately updated in your running app.

Visual Studio

Available Now

  • A native, fast C# editor for Mac, using the same under-the-hood engine as the one on Windows.
  • A new XAML editor with the same XAML language service from Windows is in preview for Mac.

Visual Studio 2019 16.2

  • Reduce app startup time by up to 50% with Startup Tracing for Android.
  • Fully supported XML file extension for Android XML files.

Visual Studio 2019 16.3

  • Android Q support
  • Reduce app size by up to 50% with the Android App Bundle support.

Visual Studio – Later Release

  • An automatic AndroidX migration tool

These changes will create both an increased user experience and a faster developer cycle. A win-win for us as an outsourced partner, startups, mobile app developers and the billions of app users around the world.

For more information on how we use Xamarin for mobile application development, please follow the links or contact us.

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