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Advanced Capabilities in Public Preview for Azure Archive Storage

Microsoft AzureWith many clients making use of our Azure development, migration, hosting or managed services, we wanted to let you know about this next advancement in Azure Archive Storage.

Azure Archive Storage came out in 2017, providing the third tier for data storage. Data can be tiered between hot, cool and archive. This allows customers to easily optimize storage costs without the need to move data around. Thus, massively reducing costs.

Just released to public preview are three improvements to Archive Storage:

1. Priority retrieval from Azure Archive Storage

Rather than waiting hours for the rehydration of data from Archive Storage to hot or cool as is the standard the process. Now available for a small extra fee is priority retrieval.

Priority retrieval of data from archive allows much faster offline data access. Simply flag the rehydration of data as a priority action and your retrieval request will be prioritised over other requests. With this, your offline data should be returned in less than an hour (in most cases).

Of course, Azure Archive Storage should be used for data that doesn’t need regular access. But in emergency cases, this priority response will make all the difference to business continuing as usual.

For more information, check out Blob Storage Rehydration.

2. Upload blob direct to access tier of choice (hot, cool, or archive)

Previously, uploaded objects in a container would automatically inherit the access tier of the account, as listed in settings. This would show the blob’s access tier as hot or cool (inferred). To change the access tier of the blob, you needed to manually change the settings using SetBlobTier API or automate the process with blob lifecycle management rules.

Now available in public preview is Upload Blob Direct to Access tier. Using PutBlob or PutBlockList you can directly access your tier of choice. Thus, in a single transaction, you can now upload your object directly into the hot, cool, or archive tier regardless of the account’s default setting.

For more information, check out Blob Storage Access Tiers.

3. CopyBlob enhanced capabilities

It is sometimes the case that data needs to remain in Archive but also needs some work done. In this case, access to a temporary copy of the data is ideal as is currently available with the CopyBlob API.

The public preview release of CopyBlob enhanced capabilities has the following features:

  • Additional support for the Archive access tier allows copied data in and out of the archive access tier within the same storage account.
  • Priority retrieval from archive allows data to be copied out of archive in either the standard or high priority lane.
  • Direct to access tier of choice means you can specify which destination access tier you would like your data copy to inherit.

Ballard Chalmers and Azure

For all our clients with data in Azure, we know these new capabilities will be of great use to you. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions on how to begin using these features.

For those of you thinking about moving to Azure or looking for Azure Managed Services, check out our services below, or get in touch.

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