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Microsoft Future Decoded

Microsoft Future DecodedMicrosoft Future Decoded comes to London on the 1st and 2nd October. This event is always action-packed. With keynotes, networking, hands-on displays and breakout sessions. All designed to help organizations fully leverage the latest Microsoft technology in different sectors.

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Day One

Explores the technology which is shaping the modern workplace across industries. Whether it’s the cloud, chatbots, robots or custom applications, technology is pervading our working lives.

The keynotes and displays help to increase awareness of technology trends and how they will impact your industry, business and employees. Ideal if you want to increase ROI in technology you have already invested in.

Day Two

Takes an in-depth look at the future of work – AI. Already having an impact across society, AI is one of the fastest-growing areas of technology.

The keynotes and displays help to bring a mindset that will embrace new ideas and innovation. Something required with the changes AI is going to bring. These seminars will help you see how to implement AI in different areas of your business.

Microsoft Future Decoded Themes

  • Develop customer trust – sessions on cybersecurity, building a compliant cloud and AI and ethics. A guest speaker from Lighthouse.
  • Empower the digital workplace – QnAs on AI in healthcare, finance and retail. Guest speakers from the Metropolitan Police and the NHS.
  • Transform business outcomes – sessions on reinventing banking and democratizing learning. Guest speakers from Heathrow, Gartner and the City of Westminster College.
  • Design a smarter workplace – sessions on how to design a methodology for cloud migration, how to leverage computer vision and machine learning. A guest speaker from the Ministry of Defence.
  • Bring your plans to life– sessions on digital transformation for healthcare, government and financial services. A guest speaker from Vodafone.

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