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Azure Portal – Upgrades to the User Experience

Microsoft Azure Microsoft has been working on increasing the user-friendliness of Azure Portal. The most recent updates cover a range of enhancements from the home portal experience to a new landing page for Azure Mobile Applications.

Azure Portal Updates – The Recap

  • Improved portal home experience: bringing to the forefront services and instances that are applicable to you with focus and clarity
  • New service cards: contextual information for each service provided by new service hovercards
  • Enhanced service browsing experience: the navigation has been simplified and now progressively discloses services.
  • Extended Microsoft Learn integration: key parts of the experience now have contextual integration of free training
  • Improved instance browsing experience: improved performance, better filtering options, grouping, and now export lists to a CSV file
  • Improved Azure Resource Graph experience: share and re-use your queries via Resource Graph Saved Queries
  • Automatic refresh in Azure Dashboard: set automatic refresh intervals for your dashboard
  • Improved service icons: the icons have been re-designed for better visual consistency and fewer distractions
  • Simplified settings panel: an improved separation between general settings and localization
  • New landing page for Azure Mobile application: new landing page

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Find out more about the Azure Portal updates on the Azure blog here:

Discover more about our work with Azure here:

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