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Alert Regarding Azure Resources

During these unprecedented times, understandably Microsoft Azure is looking at how best to support its customers, aid in the battle against the pandemic and manage Azure resources.

In a recent announcement they made it clear that if capacity is a problem in any region, priority will go to first responders and sectors recognised as key in the current COVID-19 challenged world.

This is an important thing to note, in case in the coming weeks you notice slows or delays in your service.

We are managing our operations with this in mind and wanted to make sure you have the information to make any necessary adjustments.

You can see the quote from Microsoft here:

“As demand continues to grow, if we are faced with any capacity constraints in any region during this time, we have established clear criteria for the priority of new cloud capacity. Top priority will be going to first responders, health and emergency management services, critical government infrastructure organizational use, and ensuring remote workers stay up and running with the core functionality of Teams.”

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact your project manager directly, or call 01342 4210223

*March 30th Microsoft released another update regarding COVID-19. The above holds true, but if you would like some more details, check out their statement here:

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