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Updates to Azure Maps

Azure ConsultingAzure maps received several updates in April. Here is a quick roundup of recently added features.

Now Generally Available:

  • Azure Maps Batch services

Azure Maps Batch capabilities available through Search and Route allow customers to send batches of queries using just a single API request.

  • Azure Maps Matrix Routing service

This feature allows the calculation of a matrix of route summaries for a collection of routes defined by origin and destination locations.


  • Avoid border crossings in routing

The new parameter value avoid=borderCrossings has been added to support routing situations where vehicles are required to stay within one country.

  • Display building models

The default settings show all buildings as just their footprints but using the new setting, showBuildingModels, buildings will be rendered with their 2.5D models.

In Preview

  • Get Map tile v2 API

This version will allow users to request map tiles in vector or raster format. This can then be integrated into a map control or SDK.

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