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Azure Cosmos DB – New Features Now Generally Available

Azure Cosmos DB is a fully managed NoSQL database service for modern app development. As with all areas of Azure we are seeing updates and new features constantly. With Azure Cosmos DB, these are features to make possible swift application development across teams and enhanced enterprise-level security accessible to apps of any magnitude or scope.

Here are some recent announcements that caught our eye:

  • Microsoft has introduced support for spiky and erratic workloads. This offers a huge savings benefit (up to 70 percent) compared to the standard pricing model.
  • Autoscale provisioned throughput (previously known as autopilot mode) is now generally available. This meets the needs of changeable high-throughput workloads while the consumption-based billing removes the continuous necessity of monitoring capacity.
  • New improved enterprise-level data security is now available to all applications with encryption-at-rest with customer-managed keys available.

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