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Xamarin.Forms 4.7 – What’s New?

Xamarin.Forms 4.7 was released in June with a host of improvements. As with all Xamarin.Forms releases, every feature update brings you more customisation, faster coding and an expansion of options to create with.

The largest change for simplified coding came with grid row and column definitions. Previously, each column and row definition needed to be specified separately, with this release a simplified syntax removes that dull repetitive necessity.

For styling, there were two major feature announcements.

Experimental support for shapes and paths. As well as the rectangles and ellipses already available, now you can make entirely unique and custom designs. This allows you to better fit with individual company branding and styling.

In addition to recent announcements on light and dark mode, further control has been given to users to manage their theme. It is now possible to set light mode to maintain even if the phone is in dark mode and vice versa as well as the auto-mode of adjusting with the phone theme.

Lastly is the addition of multi-bindings. Multi-binding allows you to connect a target property to a list of source properties and then apply logic to produce a value with the inputs specified. This is particularly useful when used in conjunction with MultiValueConverters.

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