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Azure Boards – New Features Snapshot

Azure Boards is a vital tool for us as a software development company to manage the behind the scenes work that goes into our projects.

Azure Boards recently announced a summer roundup of what’s new, and here is a quick snapshot. If you would like to read the full article or see anything in more detail, check out the post here:

Generally Available

  • State transition rules. This new work item type rule allows you to restrict work items from being moved from one state to another or restrict by group membership
  • The ability to copy both the parent and its children – limited to 100 children
  • Improved rules for activated and resolved fields – they are triggered by the category (state category) the state resides in

In Preview

  • System work item types on backlogs and boards


  • Better pull request integration
  • Stakeholder board access
  • Delivery Plans 2.0 – the ability to see a product roadmap, understand what and when work is planned, and the capability to track dependencies across teams

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