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Azure Cognitive Search

Azure Cognitive Search enables complex AI-driven cloud searches in structured and unstructured data. This enables users to explore and identify relevant content at scale.

With the exponential growth of data, easily accessing it and drilling down to find exactly what is needed can save users a huge amount of time, enabling employees to complete tasks faster and generate more insight. Not only does Azure Cognitive Search provide access to the information, but the AI capabilities also enable meaningful patterns to be found.

Azure Cognitive Search has enhanced cloud search to include ingestion, enrichment and exploration or unstructured and structured content – a gamut of AI capabilities.

As with all tools, it is how they are put to use that matters. Azure Cognitive Search has tools, and APIs for developers to create customs solutions that enable rich search functions over the web, mobile and enterprise applications. Meaning world-class search functions can be added to any custom application.

Recent enhancements to Azure Cognitive Search now generally available include:*

  • Create an identity for a search service in Azure Active Directory, then use Azure RBAC permissions to grant access to Azure data sources. This approach eliminates the need for credentials on the connection string.
  • Create a shared private link resource that indexers can use when accessing Azure resources secured by Azure Private Link.
  • New stable REST API adds support for creating shared private link resources.
  • Azure SDK update for the management SDK, targeted REST API version 2020-08-01.

*Excerpted from September 2020,

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