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Azure Maps – Recent Enhancements

Azure Maps has seen a host of new features and enhancements in the last month. Those building in Azure have no need to turn to Google Maps when Azure Maps has advanced in such leaps and bounds.

Here is a quick round-up of what’s new in Azure Maps:

• Azure Maps integration with Azure Active Directory is now generally available allowing users to rely on Azure Maps and Azure AD for enterprise-level security.

• Geospatial capabilities powered by Azure Maps are now in preview in Microsoft Power Apps.

• The new brandSet parameter is supported by all Search APIs and enables users to restrict the Point of Interest (POI) search results to specific brands.

• To optimise queries within the 600 categories and sub-categories contained within POI Search APIs, the new POI Category Tree API has been added to the Search services portfolio, additionally, the new categorySet parameter is supported by all Search APIs covering POI search capabilities.

• Users can determine where can be reached based on time, fuel or energy based on the distance from a single point using Azure Maps Get Route Range API, also known as Isochrone API.

• In aid of electric vehicles (EV), it is now possible to build advanced features for speciality EV applications by restricting the search results to specific connector types in charging stations.

• Mobility service coverage expanded to almost 3,200 cities with the best-in-class public transit data.

• Severe weather alerts from Government Meteorological Agencies and leading global to regional weather alert providers are now returned by the Azure Maps Severe Weather Alerts API.

•  Azure Maps Indices API now returns index values that will guide users to plan future activities based on weather conditions, soil moisture and more.

• Data visualisations can be enhanced from only real-time radar and satellite tiles to past and future tiles as well. These map overlays can be called directly from Get Map Tile v2 API or requesting tiles via Azure Maps web and mobile SDKs.

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This blog gives you more than a quick round-up, with further information and examples on all of these new features:

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