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Xamarin iOS 14.0

Support for iOS 14 and Xcode 12 accompanied Apple’s Xcode 12 GM release, meaning it is now possible to build Xamarin.Forms for iOS and Xamarin.iOS apps with Xcode 12 GM and present your iOS 14, tvOS 14 and watchOS7 apps in the Apple App Store.

New features include:

  • Colour picker customisation is available with the option to respond only when users dismiss the picker or change the selected colour.
  • Users can now select variable date and time values – choosing from a calendar view or using a numeric keypad.
  • New popover button menus give an alternative to action sheets and context menus.
  • Triple-column layouts are now available in split view interfaces.
  • Support is now available for embedding WidgetKit extensions written in Swift.

Find out more

You can read the full Xamarin iOS 14.0 release notes, here:

and how to get started here:

If you would like to find out more about our work, check out our mobile app development and Xamarin pages.

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