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.NET 5.0 has Arrived

There was a host of announcements in the .NET Conference last week but the most important was, of course, the release of .NET 5.0. We have had previews since early 2019 but this is the big general release.

The range of upgrades and new features is enormous but the key takeaway is that this is a big step towards the unified .NET platform, it is relatively pain-free to upgrade and will improve many facets of your work in the .NET platform.

.NET 5.0 Highlights

Excerpted from the .NET 5.0 Announcement blog, these are the highlights:

• .NET 5.0 is already battle-tested by being hosted for months at and
• Performance is greatly improved across many components.
• C# 9 and F# 5 offer new language improvements such as top-level programs and records for C# 9, while F# 5 offers interactive programming and a performance boost for functional programming on .NET.
• .NET libraries have enhanced performance for Json serialization, regular expressions, and HTTP. They are also are now completely annotated for nullability.
• P95 latency has dropped due to refinements in the GC, tiered compilation, and other areas.
• Application deployment options are better, with ClickOnce client app publishing, single-file apps, reduced container image size, and the addition of Server Core container images.
• Platform scope expanded with Windows Arm64 and WebAssembly.

Find out more

For a thorough picture of each update, take a look at the comprehensive Microsoft blog:

You can learn more about our work with .NET with such companies as Civil Aviation Authority, TFL, OVO Energy, United Living and more.

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