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AI Builder Autumn Announcements

As the Power Platform continues to grow as a key Microsoft offering, we are seeing exponential growth in capabilities. This Autumn brought many announcements particularly to AI Builder, which we will highlight here with relevant documentation links so you can explore further.

Features newly released to preview:

Receipt processing – Extract standard information from receipts using a prebuilt AI model, automate the process as a new action in Power Automate.

Invoice processing – Invoice processing with the Power Platform just got easier with an end to end scalable solution available on AppSource and GitHub.

Power Automate dedicated actions for AI Builder – When searching for actions that you want to automate, you will find the majority of AI Builder model types each have their associated actions in Power Automate.

Features now generally available:

Predict a number – Use this feature to predict dates, prices, costs and more.

Realtime Prediction – You can now call a model in a flow to predict in real-time.

Explicitly tag fields in form processing – You can now tag those fields you need to extract relevant information from that AI Builder doesn’t automatically detect.

Text translation: Translate text to more than sixty languages so you can deal with customers anywhere in the world.

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