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We’ve Renewed our Digitally Aware Accreditation

Digitally Aware accreditationWe are happy to have renewed our Digitally Aware accreditation.

Cybersecurity is fundamental when working online. As a company working in the field of IT, our software is always designed with a security-first approach and that means our own work must be fully secure. The Digitally Aware scheme is a great beginning for top-notch cybersecurity and certainly acted as a stepping-stone for us to achieve the world-class security standard of ISO 27001.

The Police Digital Security Centre’s (PDSC) Digitally Aware certification scheme, designed in collaboration with BSI (the British Standards Institute), is aimed at helping SMEs reduce their vulnerability to cybercrime and promote those businesses who have taken the first step towards better cybersecurity.

Find out more about us and our accreditations.

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