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SQL Tools 2020 Release Roundup

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

SQL Server Management Studio had four releases in 2020, and a lot of the known issues have now been resolved. As well as bug fixes, this release (v18.8) brought us a few new items:

  • Azure Data Studio installation integration: Installation of SSMS installs Azure Data Studio 1.25.1.
  • Analysis Services: Added support for Power BI Premium Gen2 workspaces.
  • Auditing: Added support for EXTERNAL_MONITOR and “operator audit”.
  • Integration Services: Improved IR Creation Wizard such that creating SSISDB is optional when creating SSIS IR.

Release Notes, which show a full list of bug fixes:


Azure Data Studio

Don’t forget that since version 18.7, Azure Data Studio is included with SQL Server Management Studio.

You can learn more about this change here: or in the section “Installation with Azure Data Studio” in the download documentation above.

Azure Data Studio v1.25 also came out in December and you can see the release notes here:

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