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.NET Upgrade Assistant

For those who have been wanting to upgrade to .NET 5 but have found it too time-consuming with the existing porting tools, the new .NET Upgrade Assistant is for you. It provides a guided programme for incrementally upgrading your applications with step-by-step instructions and recommendations.

The .Net Upgrade Assistant doesn’t take out all manual work, as changes still need to be made by those familiar with the application and its functionality. However, the tool does take out a lot of effort, thereby saving you plenty of time.

Once the .NET Upgrade Assistant is installed, the basic steps it runs through are:

  1. Backup your projects.
  2. Update your projects to SDK-style.
  3. Update the target framework.
  4. Update NuGet packages.
  5. Add template files.

Your projects have now been upgraded to .NET 5.

  1. Update C# Source.
  2. Move to the next project (as applicable).

Get Started or Find Out More

Here are some handy resources to begin the upgrade process:

If you are not sure that upgrading is right for you, you can determine that here:

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