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Azure Applied AI Services

Microsoft has announced a new product category: Azure Applied AI Services. This builds on top of the already popular Azure Cognitive Services* with additional task-specific AI models. The purpose is to bring together these models and business logic to solve common organizational problems without needing machine learning expertise or AI expertise.

Development teams can now build simple AI solutions using Applied AI Services.

You will already be familiar with many of the services that have been brought under this umbrella, such as:

  • Azure Form recogniser
  • Azure Metrics Advisor
  • Azure Cognitive Search
  • Azure Bot Service
  • Azure Immersive Reader

While some new services have also been added:

  • Azure Video Analyzer
  • Azure Video Analyzer for Media

You can read more about Azure Applied AI Services in the documentation: Azure Applied AI Services documentation | Microsoft Docs, and this blog contains an example of using Azure Applied AI Services in a common business scenario and links to each of the individual services: Accelerating AI Solutions Development time with Azure Applied AI Services (

* Other exciting Azure Cognitive Services news announced at Build was the Document Translation feature. It preserves the design and formatting of the source document while translating the text into target languages. You can read all about it here: Document Translation is generally available now – Microsoft Tech Community

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