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Azure Updates – May Highlights

Azure updates have seen the normal flurry that surrounds Microsoft Build and there are a lot of interesting things to take note of. We are going to cover Azure Cosmos DB, DevOps, BI, AI and SQL separately but let’s take a look at a few Azure highlights here.


Azure GDPR Compliance

Azure recently attained adherence to the EU Cloud Code of Conduct (EU Cloud CoC). This was specifically developed so that cloud providers can align with EU GDPR.

Due to the lengthy approvals that the EU Cloud CoC has received and Azure’s adherence, customers using Azure can use this to help demonstrate their own compliance.

This is just the most recent in a long line of compliance offerings that Azure provides, which now numbers 100.

You can find out more about this compliance here: Azure gains 100th compliance offering—protecting data with EU Cloud Code of Conduct | Azure Blog and Updates | Microsoft Azure

Enable Azure Site Recovery (ASR) while Creating Azure Virtual Machines

You can now enable ASR while creating Azure VMs. This new capability greatly improves the business continuity and disaster recovery of Azure VMs. Additionally, it will save a lot of time and hassle, as now rather than executing different workflows to protect VMs from regional or zonal outages once it was already running, you can enable ASR during the creation of the VM.

Here are the instructions from Microsoft on how to begin:

“To get started, simply head over to the Azure portal. Go to ‘Virtual machines’ and click on ‘+ Add’. Go to the Management tab and select ‘Enable Disaster Recovery’ under ‘Site Recovery’. Make the relevant selections and proceed to create your VM. Once the VM is created, replication will be automatically enabled within a few minutes.”

Azure Static Web Apps

One year on from its preview, Azure Static Web Apps is now generally available with a free and standard plan. This service is for the quick development of modern full-stack web apps. It has pre-built and pre-rendered static frontends and serverless API backends.

Developers can choose between using popular front-end frameworks or static site generators. Build and test the apps locally with a simple check-in deployment.

You can find out more about the features and capabilities here: Develop production-scale modern web apps quickly with Azure Static Web Apps | Azure Blog and Updates | Microsoft Azure

or dive in and get started here: Azure Static Web Apps – App Service | Microsoft Azure

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