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SQL Server Big Data Clusters – What’s new in CU11

SQL Server Big Data Clusters was released with SQL Server 2019. It works by uniting the SQL engine with Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop, creating a single, secure and unified platform that extends the analytics capabilities beyond in-database processing of transactional and analytical workloads.

The CU11 release in early July brought us some new capabilities for Big Data Clusters. The largest of which is the expansion of data encryption at rest.

Data Encryption at Rest

Though some encryption at rest was introduced in CU8, CU11 brings a complete set for seamless application-level encryption for SQL Server and HDFS. A new capability is the Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) functionality integrating with external key providers. This now covers system-managed and user-managed encryption at rest.

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You can read more about the CU11 release here: What’s new with SQL Server Big Data Clusters—CU11 Release – Microsoft SQL Server Blog and read the full documentation here: SQL Server Big Data Clusters release notes – SQL Server big data clusters | Microsoft Docs.

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