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New Configuration Options Now Available for Secrets in App Service and Azure Functions

Here is a quick rundown of the new configuration options available for secrets in App Service and Azure Functions.

    • Expanded networking support from Key Vault references is now available on both Windows and Linux.
    • It is now possible to designate a user-assigned identity.
    • Apps are now able to access their content package from blob storage using app identity.
    • Through Key Vault references, apps can use a managed identity to resolve secrets from Azure Key Vault and expose them as environment variables.
    • Linux apps (as well as the previously announced Windows apps) can now use virtual network integrations when resolving secrets from Key Vault.
    • Restrictions are gone for using networking integration and autorotation together.
    • You can now specify a user-assigned identity instead of the app’s system-assigned identity for accessing app secrets. This means an identity can be assigned permission before the app is created.
    • Apps can now simply use a managed identity, as long as the app has access to the storage account.
    • Azure Functions now has preview identity-based connection support. This means system-assigned or user-assigned identities can be used for the Functions runtime, triggers and bindings.

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