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Azure Cosmos DB – November Announcement Roundup

November was a packed news month for Microsoft due to Ignite, and Azure Cosmos DB was no exception. Here is a roundup of key feature announcements and handy links for more information.

Partial Document Update

Partial Document Update is now Generally Available. This means that rather than requiring a full document read-replace operation, single fields or properties in a document can be updated at the path level.

Now Generally Available – Partial Document Update in Azure Cosmos DB – Azure Cosmos DB Blog (

Partial document update in Azure Cosmos DB | Microsoft Docs

Cost Control Features

Developers now have new cost-controls to help manage account spending: customizable provisioned throughput spending limits and cost savings alerts in Azure Advisor, both of which are generally available.

Better cost governance now available on Azure Cosmos DB – Azure Cosmos DB Blog (

Custom Partitioning in Azure Synapse Link (Preview)

Custom partitioning enables you to use frequently used filters as a custom partition, thereby improving analytical query performance.

Now in preview – Support for custom partitioning in Azure Synapse Link for Azure Cosmos DB – Azure Cosmos DB Blog Analytics (

New Indexing metrics

Optimise query performance using indexing metrics. By understanding how you have used existing indexes, or checking the recommended indexes you can gain insight into opportunities for increased performance.

Azure Cosmos DB indexing metrics | Microsoft Docs

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