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Custom Software Development London

At Ballard Chalmers, a part of the Transparity Group, our focus is to provide state of the art software solutions for customers all over London. We are also Microsoft specialists and we have expertise in BizTalk Server, .NET Development, but also Azure and Azure integration, along with SQL server solutions.

We have some of the top people in the industry ready to assist you with the best services and features. In addition, we can fully adapt and customize every development process based on your needs. Here are Ballard Chalmers we also offer consultancy, support, full development services and team augmentation in London.


Our Services

Our core services and expertise give us great flexibility to work with our London clients across any point of the development life-cycle, and deliver in a manner that suits you. Whether that is an outsourced project, internal team augmentation, consultancy, or ongoing support.

Custom Software Development London Case Studies


Since we are professional Microsoft specialists, we can give you direct access to the best Microsoft services and technologies:

We can also help with all the Azure Integration Services that you need. We know how to perform a complete integration while also making it easy for you to save both time and money.

SQL is a data platform and it can help keep the info either in the cloud or on-site. We will help you use SQL for things like business intelligence, but also program development or data administration. There’s also a true focus on security too.

The .NET platform is regarded as a top tier solution and it can help you build on the cloud or create on-premise software. It makes it easier than ever to deliver outstanding services, while also making it easier to update legacy apps too.

Nowadays your enterprise app also needs a mobile program as a companion. The role of this system is to help you bring in a great mobile solution. Not only will you have great compatibility, but the quality is exceptional every single time. That alone can help make a huge difference.

Making the most out of your data and also accessing insights can help quite a bit. We can help you take advantage of the data warehouse stack from Azure, while simplifying the process and making it way more efficient and professional.

This is one of the best on-premise integration standards. We have professionals in this field that can help with cloud movement and fast integration at the highest possible levels.

What We Do

We are a company that helps deliver exceptional custom software solutions. Whether you need a mobile app, to integrate a software program or improve a legacy program, we are always here to help. Our team has the expertise, knowledge and focus needed to help with any of these tasks and so much more.

Application development

Creating a custom app is a great way to push the boundaries and take your business to the next level. In addition, we will help you obtain a competitive advantage, while also making it easier for your team to work in a professional, efficient manner.

Mobile App Development

Creating a great mobile app that has cloud and online support can help quite a bit. Not only will all your employees access it, but it also helps ensure all the necessary data is in the cloud and ready to use. That can be a lifesaver for any industry.

Application Integration

Integrating apps helps save a significant amount of time and money. It also allows you to speed up the work process, while also making sure apps work with each other without human input. It’s the ultimate way to speed up your workflow and productivity.

Application Modernisation

Old applications might not deliver the exact solutions you need. With our help you get to do that. Not only will we bring the app to the cloud, but also add the necessary features and updates. Plus, everything will be free of any bugs too.

Business intelligence

With help from information and data you can take the right business decisions. That’s why we are here to make it easy for you to access all the information in no time. It’s a great way to boost your strategic decision system, while pushing it to the next level.

Data Management

Every company has a lot of data, so you need to find a way to manage and secure your data at the right level. Our team is ready to help with that, speed up your workflow, while also making sure the data is handled professionally and in an exceptional manner all the time.

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Our app developers are highly trained and certified through Microsoft in their respective areas. We are available for custom IT development outsourcing, resourcing or support.

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  • Need a development partner? As old hands at .NET SQL development and experts at cloud-native Azure, we are available for modernisation or new cloud-native Azure development.
  • Integration needs? Talk to one of our Azure Integration Services consultants or BizTalk Server specialists.
  • Data issues? Get in touch with our SQL consultants, Power BI developers or Azure Modern Data Warehouse experts.
  • Mobile ready? Our Xamarin consultants and .NET MAUI team will be happy to discuss.

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Our Software Development Services in London

The Ballard Chalmers London services are created to help you obtain the results and value you want, and the services can be as in-depth as needed. We also help with short term consultancy too. That way you can rest assured you always have an exceptional value and very good results, something you will appreciate every step of the day.

We work on a variety of applications and we also deliver regular support as well. We ensure that everything is working properly and in case you want anything modified or removed, we are there to assist every step of the way.

Development Outsourcing

Outsourcing the development process allows you to work with some of the top industry talent. In addition, we always adjust and ensure that everything is created according to your requirements. Plus, when you outsource with us you will have a project and delivery manager, not to mention a dedicated team of specialists too. That can help provide exceptional results.


Getting started is always one of the most demanding situations. Thankfully, with the consulting process you never have to worry about that. We can help you with proofs of concept, debugging, design and other ideas. All you have to do is to contact us right away.

Team Augmentation

You can use our services as team augmentation, depending on the situation. Sometimes you need assistance in the long run, other times you just need it for the short term. We are always more than happy to offer the support you need. We can help you with exceptional talent, and you will also keep costs low too.

Support & DevOps

We can help you ensure that you have access to some of the top custom made solutions. In addition, the app will have its own set of engineers that can solve any issues and ensure it’s all handled in an appropriate manner. That helps quite a bit, and it will eliminate a lot of the concerns that might arise. Which is exactly the thing to keep in mind.

As a Microsoft development cloud agency, we specialise in custom software. Specifically cloud development, modernisation, integration and support for enterprise applications on the Microsoft platform. Our Microsoft developers are experts in custom Azure cloud development, Azure Integration Services, Microsoft .NET, SQL Server and BizTalk Server.

As a Microsoft Partner London with four solution area designations and multiple specialisations, our application developers have proven their expertise through certification, client success and more. This Microsoft developer cloud agency is all about helping you reach your business goals with our expert Azure cloud developers.

Why Ballard Chalmers

As a Microsoft software company and part of the Transparity Group, we are at the forefront of the latest technology. Our software company has a simple goal: to work in partnership with you to ensure your digital transformation and investment in custom software and the cloud truly makes a difference to your business.


We are one of the top Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Providers in the UK, with over 17 years of experience. In addition, we are specialized in delivering state of the art services for any company, all while using the latest Microsoft technologies.


We are not just software developers; we are software engineers. As software engineers we are technical problem solvers – this is what we do. Our IT developers work daily with Microsoft technology and we bring that experience and expertise to you.


We’ve been working with Microsoft for many years, and we are experts in implementing their services for any client. We are proficient users in the latest technologies, and we can also perform an audit to identify your needs and enhance what’s already available.


When you work with us, you will have access to some of the top outsource development services in London. Our Microsoft Certified technicians’ focus is to help provide you with any outsourcing task, while also pushing the limits with fast, efficient and dependable services.

We are also licensed developers that have a massive skill set which can be suitable for a vast range of different tasks. We enjoy pushing the boundaries and delivering our customers the very best services and solutions on the market, something that you can always rely on. With our help you can easily create any custom software you want in no time. Some of the fields we are competent in include:

They help you bring out the technical elements of your system. We have our own development team that comes up with the initial technical design but it’s become part of our standard process to use Ballard Chalmers as a sounding board for technical designs whether or not we’re asking them to do the work. They still come back and help us make sure we’re making the right technical choices.

Head of IT – Ipes

I found them easy to work with, particularly with such a short time frame. They have the ability to turn things around really fast.

Manager – Charity Group

Perhaps best of all you know you are in good hands when the senior directors know just as much as their consultants and are quite prepared to get ‘their hands dirty’ and solve the technical problems as well as the commercial ones.”

CIO – Oxford Computer Group

Ballard Chalmers has consistently provided a service that has matched or exceeded expectations within the agreed budget and timescale. They were receptive to our on-going suggestions and changing requirements and able to act promptly throughout. We look forward to working with them more in the future and would recommend them highly.

Director – Fenix Insight

We look forward to working with Ballard Chalmers as we enhance our ability to support the 3.3 million Policyholders who have chosen us in the last twelve months and provide operationally excellent systems and infrastructure for the future.

 – CEO, Coverwise

The best result of their work recently is the portal itself. Until the recent MVP [minimum viable product] went out, we were unable to make emergency bookings through the system. They’ve really improved the functionality and our ability to work with other installers.

Project Manager – OVO Energy

We are pleased with Alistair’s work onsite and with the documentation. Alistair was well prepared and helped us to understand the best application of SQL Mirroring for our environment, and he answered our questions in a good level of detail.

ICT Infrastructure Engineer – Islamic Relief Worldwide

I can’t think of anything that they can improve. I did have a contingency but it was never needed. They understood the task really well and knew what they were coming onsite to do.

Manager – Charity

Thanks for your support – John did an awesome job. We are looking at moving more applications to Microsoft technology and we view you as our Microsoft Partner of choice for future work.

IT Project Manager – Energy Saving Trust

Stark Software International has dealt with Ballard Chalmers for over 15 years. We have a very solid relationship where high quality consultants have been applied to the development and maintenance of two of our major IT systems. Ballard Chalmers provide excellent continuity and backup. Stark would thoroughly recommend this company.

Head of Operations Division – Stark Software International

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