Client: Appleyards

Technology: SharePoint Server, SQL Server

Service: Consulting, Projects, Support

Delivery: SharePoint Development

“Ballard Chalmers consultancy and development expertise has been key in helping us capitalise on our existing investment in Microsoft SharePoint and helping us deliver an effective solution to the business. We look forward to working in partnership with them as we continue to enhance and develop our SharePoint system.” CEO, Appleyards


Appleyards provide consultancy and support services to the public, private and third sectors. Their existing SharePoint Server project management system had been poorly developed and managed by a third party and required a full review and overhaul, with the aim of improving the solution and developing new functionality. They also had a clear need to ensure that users of any new project management system were fully consulted and involved in the final system developed to ensure rapid adoption.



Appleyards selected Ballard Chalmers based on our established reputation as a well-known and local Microsoft SharePoint Server specialist. Ballard Chalmers undertook initial high-level business and user consulting including strategy and business analysis of their current system.

A SharePoint-based central project management system was then developed to help Appleyard’s client teams keep track of project related information. The solution also aided collaboration between team members involved in individual projects and enabled project teams to view and manage project Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

User training was also provided to ensure rapid acceptance of the new project management system and to enable Appleyards to have clear guidelines for future improvements to the system from their users. The solution also included a comprehensive customer help desk facility and disaster recovery facility to ensure that no vital information was lost.



The SharePoint solution is now integral to team performance, helping keep projects on track.