Client: Lewisham Council

Technology: SharePoint Server, Microsoft CRM

Service: Consulting, Projects, Integration

Delivery: SharePoint Development

“SharePoint is a highly capable website management platform and since Lewisham Council’s website is the first port of call for anyone who wants to find out about the area it’s a vital communication tool. With the addition of Ballard Chalmers’ customised features the Council is able extend and further its online service offerings.” Geoff Ballard, Ballard Chalmers


Lewisham Council decided to replace their existing website with a full service site based on SharePoint Server. The hosting, configuration and content management for the site is managed by their primary partner, who engaged Ballard Chalmers to develop all the custom features.



  • Full web site integration with the Microsoft CRM used by the call centre – this tracks all interactions with the council ranging from fly tipping reports to general requests for information on business rates and benefits.
  • A claims-based authentication provider to integrate with the council’s third party authentication system. This gives users privileges to facilities within the site. Users authenticated at the highest level have access to benefit information and can pay business rates online etc.

Full integration with the councils GIS system – this embeds maps into the site and supports various geographical interactions including questions such as “Where is my nearest dentist?”, “Show location and full details on the local primary school”, etc.