Client: World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO)

Technology: SharePoint Server

Service: Projects, Support

Delivery: SharePoint Consultancy & Development

“Given the importance of our mission, the need to tell our story and ensure our programmes and products are well understood has never been greater.” Managing Director, WANO

The World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) is a non-profit and the global leader in nuclear safety, uniting every company and country in the world that has an operating commercial nuclear power plant to achieve the highest possible standards of nuclear safety. Membership in WANO is voluntary and carries with it special commitments and obligations. At the core of WANO membership is the commitment by each member to strive for the highest standards of safety and reliability. This is achieved through the members’ mutual adherence to the fundamental values of leadership, integrity, transparency, trust, relationships and accountability on an individual and a worldwide level.



WANO’s website is key asset for communicating with its members and raising awareness in the public arena. 2014 marked its 25th year of operation and so the organisation wanted to update its website with a new interface to reflect a more modern messaging. A decision had been made to use SharePoint server as the Content Management System (CMS) for the new website and this required external SharePoint Server expertise.



Developed and designed in partnership with Ballard Chalmers, a new WANO website was created on a SharePoint 2013 platform, and deployed to a multi-tenant environment.

Launched in May 2014, the new website features a wealth of information and interactive features. The site was designed to provide a main root level website with numerous sub-sites and links to information, and another sub-site formed of a more substantial set of pages and sub-sites (‘Inside WANO’) to reflect a publication that is produced and distributed by WANO. This sub-site carries its own branding style, is maintained in multiple languages and has been redesigned to provide readers with the latest news in nuclear safety in a user-friendly, digital format delivered right to their desktop or mobile devices. 

The new website features include:

  • An interactive world map, which allows visitors to search for nuclear power plants by countries, regions and reactor types.  
  • A narrated infographic video, giving viewers a fast-paced and informative overview of WANO and its programmes.
  • A rolling news feed of safety-related items within the nuclear industry.
  • A detailed look at each of the programmes at the heart of WANO’s mission to enhance nuclear safety around the world.
  • Information for new entrants to the nuclear industry on how to become a WANO member.



Given the importance of our mission, the need to tell our story and ensure our programmes and products are well understood has never been greater,” said Ken Ellis, WANO’s Managing Director. “I encourage visitors to scroll through our new website, explore ‘Inside WANO’ and learn more about who we are and what we do.”

Geoff Ballard, Ballard Chalmers’ CTO added, “Since WANO’s website serves an educational purpose, it contains large amounts of information to inform not only its members but the public at large. From a developer perspective, large amounts of content can make it more difficult to design for usability and still maintain an attractive design. However, utilising our SharePoint expertise and the technology’s content management capabilities we were able to build and deliver a robust and reliable solution that has rich functionality.” He continued, “WANO now has a comprehensive 21stCentury website, and we were happy to provide our expertise to help them better communicate their very important message.

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