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Data Management

At Ballard Chalmers, our data management team specialises in the full range of data management services including data strategy, data storage, data administration, data governance and data security. Making the most of organisational data is cost-effective, it increases productivity and efficiency, trust and security and our team can help you get there. We are also Business Intelligence specialists.


Take Effective Control of your Data with Ballard Chalmers Data Management

Ballard Chalmers can help you create and implement a data strategy, improve data storage, optimise databases, enhance data governance and protect and secure your data. As a trusted Microsoft Partner, we are experts in the Microsoft Intelligent Data platform, which brings together operational databases, analytics and governance into a seamless data solution. Whether your data is on-premises on built into cloud-native applications, we can help you manage and make the most of your organisational data.





The biggest improvements and changes have been related to the databases and proper reporting. We changed over to SQL Server Reporting and that’s been working really well. They’ve helped us build standards reporting and helped us present that data with SharePoint. They also helped build statistical analyses.

Head of IT – Young Epilepsy

Having worked with Ballard Chalmers previously, they were an obvious choice to bring into Mencap to consult on our SQL environment. Geoff Ballard is very knowledgeable and was able to distill our problems and provide proposals on how to proceed. Overall, very happy with the initial completed phase of works.

Programme and Infrastructure Manager – Mencap

The improvements to the database structure and database performance have been very good. Before we engaged Ballard Chalmers, the database would crash, especially when searches were done. They made some changes in SQL and to the GUI [graphical user interface] and to how the data is extracted and dealt with. There’s been a significant improvement.

Head of IT – Young Epilepsy

We are pleased with Alistair’s work onsite and with the documentation. Alistair was well prepared and helped us to understand the best application of SQL Mirroring for our environment, and he answered our questions in a good level of detail.

ICT Infrastructure Engineer – Islamic Relief Worldwide

I have known and worked with Geoff for at least 10 years as an IT trainer at Learning Tree and as a SQL Server Consultant. Geoff is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. It would be a pleasure to recommend him to anyone.

Executive coach – Learning Tree International

Data Management Case Studies


Our Data Management experts can help you design and execute a data strategy, reduce data storage costs, optimise and administer databases, enhance your data governance and data security.

Data Management

Data strategy: Create a strategy to improve operational efficiency, lower costs, ensure high data availability and effective disaster recovery.

Data storage: Monitor, store and optimise your organisational databases.

Data administration: Carry out the day-to-day tasks of a database administrator.

Data governance: Govern how data is used and accessed by people and apps through Azure Purview.

Data security: Protect and secure your valuable data.


Ballard Chalmers data team can take on your data management as a fully outsourced service. With experts designing strategy, storage solutions, proactively optimising your storage, carrying out DBA tasks and more. We’d like you to consider us your outsourced IT department.


As a Microsoft Partner, our consultants are industry veterans and experts in the features of Microsoft technology. Bring in our consultants for small engagements such as advice, recommendations, risk management review or licencing assessments; or larger engagements such as migrations.


We can provide data management support for the data solutions we created and for your existing or legacy systems. Our support staff are fully qualified data engineers and DBAs, not helpdesk staff. That means your support team will be very familiar with the technology used and be able to provide the expertise you need, when you need it.


Increase the capacity of your in-house team for data management with our expert team augmentation. Take our Microsoft Partner expertise and give your team the boost required to get your data management into shape. If you are tight for deadlines or taking on a larger project than normal in-house, this is a simple and fast solution.

Successfully Manage your Data for Increased Business Performance

Let’s take an in-depth look at the parts of data management and the expertise our team can provide.

Data Strategy

Implementing an effective data strategy aids in supporting overall business strategy by creating a framework for enterprise adoption of programme targets, understanding of what data is and its use and sets the stage for future effective data governance, storage and security.

The aim of a data strategy should be to improve operational efficiency through the use of good data, storing data in an appropriate storage location or database. With a focus on lowering costs, ensuring high data availability and effective disaster recovery.

A successful data strategy enables a company to make the most of the vast amounts of data being created and stored, starting with data management and then moving over into business intelligence for insight and informed decision-making.

Powerful Business Intelligence capabilities in SQL Server, Azure and Power BI can convert your data into business insights to share across your organisation.

Data Storage

Data storage is a vital step in Data Management as without it governance and security go out the window and effective business intelligence is impossible.

Whether you are on-premises on SQL Servers, making the move to Azure SQL or even NoSQL databases, our data experts are armed to help you.

Our database expertise:

  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server on VMs
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Files
  • Azure Tables

Data Administration

Data administration covers the day-to-day management of stored data and databases as carried out by a database administrator (DBA).

DBA Tasks:

  • Backup and restore
  • Data business continuity
  • Disaster recovery
  • Monitoring database performance
  • Repairing database bugs
  • Designing databases for apps
  • Securing databases
  • Managing data integrity
  • Running and monitoring backups
  • Ensuring user accessibility
  • Database user support
  • Ensuring efficient data storage
  • Optimising databases for performance
  • Database query tuning

Update SQL Server 2012 to 2019 or Migrate to Azure SQL

Data Governance

Data governance is all about what an organisation does with its data and how to protect it appropriately. This covers the policies and procedures implemented to ensure data is accurate, stored correctly, not tampered with and deleted when required.

Microsoft’s unified data governance solution is Azure Purview. Compatible with Azure and on-premises, multi-cloud and SaaS data. With Azure Purview you can create a map of data across your whole data estate, aid in data discoverability, view sensitive metrics, manage accessibility and share data without creating duplicates.

Effective data governance allows all aspects of business from sales to finance and customer management to operate with accurate and reliable data. Our data governance experts can work with you on data lifecycle management, data accuracy, audit preparation, data ownership and risk mitigation.

Data Security

Data security is the part of data management concerned with protecting data within databases and while in use both against unwanted actions by users and destructive outside forces. With the rise in cyberattacks, data security is a vital component in a company’s data management and cybersecurity.

Our data security experts can work with you to implement:

  • Access control
  • Data encryption
  • Data masking
  • Key Management
  • Data redaction
  • Data subsetting
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Security audits

And to resolve and avoid:

  • Data breaches
  • Failed audits
  • Compromised data

Why Ballard Chalmers

Our data management specialists will work with you and your team to design a data strategy, deploy, store and administer your data all with a governance and security focus.


We were established in 2005, though our heritage is much longer. We have decades of experience with SQL Server and more recently Azure and understand the value of expert data management for security, productivity and business insights.


As software engineers, we are technical problem solvers. This is what we do. We only hire the best and we create a team that works with Microsoft technology on a daily basis and can turn your ideas into a reality.


Only the top Microsoft Partners have attained solution partner designations and specialisations, demonstrating best-in-class. To ensure only the best, each of our engineers also gain Microsoft certifications.


We have a long track record of successfully delivering data management projects, including for many major local and international clients, from startups to international charities and large energy companies.

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