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Application Integration

The larger the organisation, the more systems and databases are needed and the greater the need for integration. With system integration, you unite your separate systems into a coherent whole to drive efficiency, scalability and more.

As a Microsoft Partner and specialists in application Integration, we help clients solve enterprise system integration with BizTalk Server for on-premises and data centre hosted systems, Azure Integration Services for cloud, or a combination of both for hybrid.

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Application Integration in Azure

Every organisation has multiple business applications including HR, Payroll, Pension, Finance, Manufacturing, Warehousing etc., and having best of breed applications managing an organisation is a good thing as no one application can do everything well, whatever the vendor says. Application integration is all about the automated integration of these applications to ensure they all behave like a single application, and there are no manual tasks and no double data entry.

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Ballard Chalmers’ System Integration service brings your business processes together, so they are cohesive, consistent and scalable. Our experience in this field assures you have the expertise for correct implementation. System integration remains a development activity, requiring expert engineers. i.e. it is not simply a configuration exercise.

Cloud connectivity with Azure Integration Services (AIS)

Azure Integration services brings together Logic Apps, Azure Functions, API Manage, Service Bus, Event Grid and more making it easy to integrate applications, data, and processes across the enterprise.

Hybrid Integration Solutions with AIS

Seamlessly integrate your cloud and on-premises apps, data and processes across your enterprise with Azure Integration Services. Manage the data mappings and orchestrations in the cloud using the on-premises data gateway.

On-Premises System Integration with BizTalk Server

With BizTalk Server you can connect disparate enterprise applications to deliver solutions such as payment processing, supply chain management, business-to-business EDI, real-time decision making and more.


We can help you to seamlessly integrate your apps, data and processes across your enterprise using Azure Integration Services and/or BizTalk Server.

BizTalk Server was introduced in 2002 and for almost 20 years it has been the foundation of systems integration for the Microsoft Platform and is still widely used by fortune 500 companies and other organisations of all sizes.

However the future of systems integration, as with software development generally, clearly lies in the cloud, and BizTalk Server will eventually be replaced by Azure Integration Services, which contains the same features in a modern cloud environment.

Ballard Chalmers recommends using Azure Integration Services for all new systems integration projects. We also have experience in migrating applications from BizTalk Server to Azure Integration Services, and so can assist with this as required.

Ballard Chalmers designs, develops and delivers powerful systems integration solutions in the cloud and as hybrid with Azure Integration Services.

With Azure Integration Services you can:

More About Azure Integration Services

Ballard Chalmers is one of a handful of BizTalk Server experts in the UK, helping you automate processes with enterprise-wide application integration.

We provide a full range of BizTalk Server integration solutions for all ERP, CRM, EDI, Salesforce, databases and custom applications. With BizTalk Server you can:

  • Integrate applications, data and processes
  • Extend integration to the cloud
  • Build holistic integration scenarios
  • Enjoy totally modern on-premises integration

More About BizTalk Server

We’ve used Ballard Chalmers for integration using BizTalk in a number of applications. They are refreshingly straightforward and practical and we are very pleased with the work they have done for us.

Head of IT – Exterion Media

I was really impressed with the support and delivery of the work from Ballard Chalmers. It was a pleasure working with you.

Service Delivery Manager – Good Energy

The data migration project has a high value to our organisation because construction projects require a lengthy period of document retention and the integrity of the data is paramount. We would not have had the same confidence in another company to deliver at such an exceptional level.

CIO – United Living

Ballard Chalmers did an excellent job of knitting together the front end and back engines of our website. They worked well with our external consultants and I would thoroughly recommend them. We continue to work with Ballard Chalmers due to their huge effort – they are supportive and loyal.

Head of Policy and Public Affairs – Royal Geographical Society

We will experience net savings after eliminating all three legacy document management solutions. Also, transferring data from one of the large, on-premise systems will decrease the risk of the system failing. Document storage is critical to our industry, and the business will be safer once these documents are transferred. Our IT team couldn’t have accomplished these goals without the support of Ballard Chalmers—they’ve had a tremendous impact.

CIO – United Living

The team inspires a vast amount of confidence because they are diligent about following instructions. I can always trust them to deliver high-quality work within deadlines. Working with them has been a breath of fresh air.

CIO – United Living

Ballard Chalmers delivered a quality solution that was built on time and within budget.  The best practice solution was clearly documented and the internal development team fully trained for ongoing support and maintenance.  Ballard Chalmers were a great partner and we would actively seek their participation in future projects.

Development Manager, RHS

Ballard Chalmers did an excellent job of delivering exactly what we required, when we required it. I was impressed by how quickly they understood the legal process and were able to deliver a flexible, yet scalable solution that can keep pace as our business grows.

Business Systems Manager – Shoosmiths

Application Integration Case Studies

Featured Application Integration case study

Ballard Chalmers was brought in as an integration specialist as the Royal Horticultural Society required a solution for integrating data across its multiple systems in order to achieve several high-value aspirations.

The initial focus was on the integration of the Digital Member Sign Up (DMSU) software; to create an API for the platform to use and seamlessly integrate to the current core systems.

Royal Horticultural Society

Why Ballard Chalmers

Ballard Chalmers’ Microsoft consultancy specialists will work with you and your team to design, deploy, debug or adopt Microsoft technologies both efficiently and cost-effectively. A vital requirement for minimizing risk in complex initiatives.


We were established in 2005, though our heritage is much longer. We have decades of experience in application integration.


As software engineers, we are technical problem solvers. This is what we do. We bring that expertise and insight to you.


Only the top Microsoft Partners have attained multiple solution partner designations — we have five!


Each of our software consultants, developers and architects are certified by Microsoft for their individual professional skill sets.

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