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30Jan 12

Cloud Data and SQL Azure

Applications on laptops that travel outside the office, such the order application used by the company sales representative, need to store data and historically the solution has been to have…

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13Dec 11

Sequential Unique Identifiers

Using Globally Unique Identifiers as the primary key for SQL Server database tables has become common place in physical database design. It replaces the use of int identifiers and the IDENTITY clause which date…

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30Oct 11

DDL and Transactions

When I started in database management many years ago I worked exclusively on Oracle and I got used to the fact that transactions worked with the DML statements SELECT, INSERT,…

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02Oct 11

Parsing Dates can be Trying

SQL Server and dates are often troublesome. In fact every database server I have ever worked on has had trouble with dates and with the parsing of dates in particular.…

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30Sep 11


SQL Server Denali contains a new database object called SEQUENCE that delivers sequential numbers. It complements the existing IDENTITY construct that has a similar objective. IDENTITY has been around as…

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25Aug 11

Querying Data Streams in Real-Time

Processing and acting on high volume real-time data is a requirement for many organisations today including: Financial: Processing real time trading information Utilities: Monitoring power consumption, tracking supply vs. demand…

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