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26Oct 18

Modern Serverless Development Part 4 – Web Application Using Angular 5

Once the data and API layers were in place, the next area to focus on was the client-side. This is a browser-based application and we would use HTML, CSS and Javascript to render the API calls to the user. In fact, due to the nature of the application, the majority of the logic would be held in this layer, so it was a natural step to choose a framework that would enable quality testing and enable easier integration with additional modules.
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16Oct 18

3 reasons to modernise your data estate today

The decision to modernise your data estate usually begins with recognising that your existing systems are no longer sufficient to support your enterprise's requirements. Here in this infographic, Microsoft provide 3 reasons to get started with modernising your data estate now.
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04Oct 18

7 Twitter Accounts to Follow for Azure Development

There is an abundance of Azure development information to be found on Twitter and to get the most from the platform it helps to know where to go. To narrow it down, we are highlighting here what we consider some key accounts to follow.
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24Sep 18

Modern Serverless Development Part 3 – Business Logic with Azure Functions

After starting with the database, we moved on to how to expose this data and add our business logic. Our traditional approach would have been to use a Web API but Azure Functions offered a way to completely remove any infrastructure management and scale instantly. It also offered the potential to use micro billing and only pay for calls being made although at a performance cost – more on that later.
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06Sep 18

Azure SQL Database DTU Versus vCore

Using a DTU (Database Transaction Unit) based model was always the way to size and configure an Azure SQL Database, that was until recently where Microsoft developed a vCore based model to size cloud-based databases. This article will compare at a high level these very different options and why you would select one model over the other.
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08Aug 18

Modern Serverless Development Part 1 – An Application Journey Series

The world of n-tier architectures is dead. Well maybe not quite dead, but it is certainly not the foundation of design for new systems that it has been for many years. The advent of cloud systems along with the improvements in development tooling has pushed architects to design scalable systems that make the most of the cloud platforms and allow the focus to shift to business logic, rather than the platforms needed to deliver applications.
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27Jul 18

Preparing for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 End of Support

If you are running SQL Server 2008 or 2008 R2, these versions are reaching the end of their support lifecycle on 9 July 2019. SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 End of Support means the end of security updates from Microsoft. To overcome this, Microsoft recommends upgrading to the current version of SQL Server on-premises, and/or migrating to Azure; both of these options provide you with the most advanced security, performance, and innovation.
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