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05Jan 17

Trends Impacting IT in 2017

With 2017 already upon us, this is a good time to look ahead and see what is in store for the new year. The top trends for 2017 include budget…

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10Oct 16

Agile, Waterfall or Flexible Development?

We hear a lot these days about Agile development. Agile works in stark contrast to the traditional Waterfall approach. Under the Waterfall model, a sequential non-iterative methodology is favoured. The…

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12Sep 16

Outsourcing Versus Hiring

Eternal debates tend to rage on for eons: did the chicken or the egg come first, should we have more government or less, and should we hire or outsource top…

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01Aug 16

Clouds Are Not All The Same

The cloud! It’s such an attractive term that rolls off the tongue effortlessly. Part of its beauty is that it provides people with a simple concept they can grasp without…

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