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.NET Conf 2018 Live Stream

Welcome the Ballard Chalmers .NET Conf 2018 live stream!

.NET Conf 2018 is a free, 3 day virtual developer event co-organised by the .NET community and Microsoft, taking place from 12 – 14 September. Over the course of three days you have a wide selection of live sessions streaming here that feature speakers from the community and .NET product teams.

Join us here to watch it.


.NET Conf 2018 Agenda

There are sessions for everyone, no matter if you are just beginning or are a seasoned engineer. There will be presentations on .NET Core and ASP.NET Core, C#, F#, Azure, Visual Studio, Xamarin, and much more.

Keynote – Scott Hunter, Miguel de Icaza & Mads Torgersen

15:00 English

Get the latest scoop from the people who build .NET! See what’s new with .NET Core, ASP.NET Core, Xamarin, C#, Azure, AI/ML and where we’re taking .NET into the future!

Welcome to .NET Conf 2018! – Scott Hanselman & Jon Galloway

16:30 English

Join Scott Hanselman, Community Director for the .NET Team and Jon Galloway, Executive Director of the .NET Foundation as they give us an update on the .NET community, open source and details on the new format of this year’s conference!

What’s Coming to C#? – Mads Torgersen

17:00 English

Over the last year we shipped point releases of C#, full of small but useful language features. Mads will recap some some of these, before turning to the big things we have in store for the future: Nullable reference types, recursive patterns, asynchronous streams and more.

What’s New in ASP.NET Core? – Glenn Condron

18:00 English

Latest Productivity Updates in Visual Studio 2017 Update 15.8 – Kendra Havens

19:00 English

Tune in to learn how to increase your productivity using the latest features in Visual Studio 2017! New .NET language features and refactorings will make your C# coding and debugging more effective than ever. We’ll cover new Intellicode features, code cleanup, multi-caret support, keyboard profiles, performance improvements and much more! We’ll even add a sneak peak of features that will be coming in Visual Studio 2019!

Complete Awesomeness for Mobile .NET Developers – James Montemagno

20:00 English

Join James Montemagno, Microsoft Program Manager for Mobile Developers tools, as he takes you through a journey of super rad and awesome libraries, tools, and IDE features that are available for mobile .NET developers build iOS, Android, and UWP applications with Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms. He will show off the latest and greatest libraries that developers can take advantage of to share more code than ever, tweaks and optimizations that you can make to your apps for super charge them, and tons of tips and tricks from James’ and his 7 years of mobile development with Xamarin.

Tips & Tricks for Building Great Libraries with .NET Standard – Immo Landwerth

21:00 English

Entity Framework Core 2.2 and beyond: what’s cooking? – Diego Vega & Smit Patel

22:00 English

As we keep improving Entity Framework Core, we love to show you what we are working on to get early feedback and improve our designs. We have a number of great things coming, like the Cosmos DB provider (no longer just a prototype!) and spatial support. We will spend 45 minutes showing demos!

What’s New in Xamarin Forms? – David Ortinau

23:00 English

Xamarin.Forms has long been the best way for .NET developers to build cross-platform applications for Android, iOS, and Windows, and in 2018 it’s gotten even better with the introduction of great new capabilities like CSS, FlexLayout, Visual State Manager, and much more. Come learn what’s new!

Virtual Attendee Party – Jeff Fritz & Richard Campbell

00:00 English

The .NET Conf Attendee Party is a live party – on Twitter, Mixer, and Twitch where you can answer questions to win prizes and see all the new and upcoming announcements from Microsoft and partners! There’s a live video feed on Mixer and Twitch – where you can ask questions, see demos and hang out with our hosts, Jeff Fritz and Richard Campbell of .NET Rocks! Right at the dot of 5:00pm PDT (00:00 BST), Microsoft will be offering a free Xbox One X – PLUS tons of other cool prizes throughout the night. All you have to do is follow the hashtag #dotNETConf to participate.  Tune in at OR  Got questions? Follow @richcampbell now and he’ll give you the lowdown.

Machine Learning in .NET (ML.NET) – Ankit Asthana

16:00 English

Ankit will show you whats new and cool in the latest release of ML.NET, the machine learning library for .NET.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Every .NET Developer – Cesar De la Torre Llorente

17:00 English

There’s a lot of buzz around AI, ML and deep-learning across the industry, and for good reasons! But that’s all for Data Scientists, right? Wrong! In this session you will learn how to extend your .NET and .NET Core applications with AI features. You will see the multiple ways you can implement AI features on .NET apps, starting from a the easiest implementations using Azure Cognitive Services to more custom and flexible scenarios based on the new Machine Learning .NET (ML.NET). Finally, you will see how you can use AI not just in ASP.NET Core web apps but also Bots using Bot Framework, language understanding, and edge/mobile offline scenarios. The demos of this session will be based on several ML.NET samples plus a new end-to-end app, currently being implemented by forking/extending eShopOnContainers (end-to-end cloud-native/microservices reference app) into a new derived sample app named eShopOnContainersAI which adds AI/ML features based on the latest Microsoft AI technologies available for .NET.

5 Azure Services Every .NET Developer Needs to Know – Andrew Hall & Paul Yuknewicz

18:00 English

Azure is a powerful platform with many amazing services, but it can also be hard to know which ones you need to know about when you’re first getting started with cloud development. What can you do when you are looking to modernize an existing ASP.NET app? What data services are the most applicable to .NET development? How can I get started with serverless? In this talk we’ll cover how to get started with cloud development in Azure using five common services that most .NET applications running in the cloud will benefit from using.

Azure Durable Functions for serverless .NET orchestration – Jeff Hollan

19:00 English

Durable Functions is a new open-source extension to Azure Functions that enables long running orchestrations and stateful processes to execute as serverless functions.  Learn how to write a durable functions, and patterns and best practices to write simple or complex stateful orchestrations.

.NET Core Microservice Development Made Easy with Azure Dev Spaces – Lisa Guthrie

20:00 English

Distributed architecture allows your applications to scale, but how do you build it? It can be difficult or impossible to run a large microservice-based application on your dev workstation, but using mocks for pieces of the application can introduce problems when you go to integrate your code. Azure Dev Spaces can help! In this session, we’ll look at using .NET Core with Dev Spaces to make your development and testing experience better.

DevOps for .NET teams with VSTS – Martin Woodward

21:00 English

DevOps is about people, process, and products. Getting it all right requires effort, but the benefits to your organization and customers can be huge. It’s also important to know that you don’t have to get everything right straight away, DevOps is about continually getting better in delivering value to your customers. Microsoft has a fantastic set of products that can help you get the most out of the cloud and help in deploying .NET to any platform. In this demo-heavy session, Martin shows you how to go from “zero to DevOps” and help you see how to begin the transformation of your team.

Blazor: Modern Web development with .NET and WebAssembly – Daniel Roth

22:00 English

Client-side web development has long been the sole domain of JavaScript. WebAssembly is poised to change that by opening up the web to the full ecosystem of languages, frameworks, and tools. Blazor is an experimental project to bring .NET to the Web via WebAssembly. In this session you’ll see how Blazor enables full stack web apps using C# with no code transpilation or plugins – just open web standards.

Building resilient microservices with .NET on Azure Service Fabric – Sravan Rengarajan & Vaclav Turecek

23:00 English

Learn how to build and deploy resilient containers and microservices at scale with .NET Core and Framework on Azure Service Fabric. We will walk you through development tools (VS, VS Code) & debugging, CICD integration, diagnostics & monitoring in production. We’ll also share tips and techniques for creating and managing your microservices on Azure Service Fabric.

How I Pwned My Cloud Costs – Troy Hunt

00:00 English

For the last 5 years, I’ve run a little online data breach notification service known known as Have I Been Pwned. Well, it was little and then before I knew it there were 5 billion records in there and millions of people dropping by on a good day. So how do you run a pet project of that scale without blowing the budget? By pwning your cloud costs! In this talk, I’m going to share how I’ve managed to keep the cost of running a popular website with a heap of data down to a mere coffee budget number. I’ll talk about the architecture I originally employed, where it worked, where it didn’t and what I’ve done over the years to actually decrease the cost as its grown ever larger. It’s a real world, hands on look at how to build for scale on a shoestring.

Visual Studio for Mac Tips & Tricks – Amy Burns & Dominic Nahous

01:00 English

Visual Studio for Mac is the Microsoft IDE natively designed for the Mac. You get everything you need for mobile, web, game and cloud development using C#, with rich support for Xamarin, .NET Core, Unity and Azure development. In this session, I’ll take you through tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Visual Studio for Mac. This one’s for beginners and experts alike!

Modular Web Applications with ASP.NET Core – Thien Nguyen19:00 (PDT) | 02:00 (UTC) Vietnamese

Although there are many challenges, applying modular architecture can bring us huge benefits. This talk will show you how we applied this architecture in SimplCommerce, an open source ecommerce built on .NET Core

Get started with DevOps on Azure in under 5 mins… – Divya Vaishnavi20:00 (PDT) | 03:00 (UTC) English

Have you ever struggled to adopt continuous delivery for your infrastructure code so you can deliver changes faster and more reliably? Or wished your Dev & Ops teams had a standard way to continuously deliver both applications & infrastructure? Get started with DevOps on Azure in less than 5 mins.

Put your C#, VB and F# projects and packaging on a diet – David Gardiner21:00 (PDT) | 04:00 (UTC) English

Learn how features of the new .NET project system not only dramatically reduce the size of your proj and nuspec files, but it makes them simpler and easier to maintain.

Building applications with Angular 6 and ASP.NET Core 2.1 – Damir Beylkhanov

05:00 Russian (primary language) and English

Join me for a talk about how to create an Angular 6 app with ASP.NET Core 2.1. Also I’ll guide you through my solution for upgrading to Angular 6 and .NET Core 2.1, how I did it, and what issues I faced during the upgrade.

Enhancing WPF/WinForms applications with UWP features – Atanas Popatanasov

06:00 English

You are building a WPF/WinForms application, but want to make it cool and feature rich? Learn how to modernize your desktop applications by integrating UWP goodness, like Windows 10 features such as Tile, Push notifications, Speech recognition and more.

AI for Every Developer – Gian Paolo Santopaolo

07:00 English

Artificial Intelligence is changing everything from how we live to how we work and even how we think. As a developer, you should be part of it. And this is the right place where to start with a deep overview of what AI is, where it is going, and how you can be a part of it.

Cross-Platform Unit Testing and Code Coverage with Coverlet – Toni Solarin-Sodara

08:00 English

Unit testing is a starting point for continuous integration and ensuring software quality. Just how well are you unit testing?  Coverlet is an open source project that measures how much of your code is covered by your test suites for your .NET Core projects. Join project lead Toni Solarin-Sodara for this session to learn more about Coverlet and testing your applications.

Advanced C#/PHP interoperability with PeachPie – Jakub Misek

09:00 English

PHP and .NET make up over 90% of the entire internet. While PHP is ubiquitous and supremely popular, .NET is more robust, secure and performant. PeachPie compiler is a unique project that bridges the gap between the two platforms and allows developers to use the best of both worlds.

Creating a CI/CD Pipeline for Kubernetes Using Visual Studio Team Services – Christian Meléndez

10:00 English

Do you want to know how can you do deployments to a k8s cluster within minutes using VSTS? We’ll start by simulating a common scenario of creating an app locally and deploy it to k8s. We’ll enable CI/CD using VSTS and we’ll use the exact same scripts we used locally. We’ll connect VSTS with AKS.

Google Home meets .NET containers on Google Cloud – Mete Atamel

11:00 English

What does it take to connect a Google Home to the cloud? Surprisingly, not much! In this talk, we will create a Dialogflow app to get a Google Home device to talk to a container managed by Kubernetes/App Engine.

Customizing ASP.NET Core – Jürgen Gutsch

12:00 English

ASP.NET Core has many options to customize, to match all of your requirements. It’s not only running on Linux, Mac and Windows, it also has many possibilities to modify the whole framework in an arbitrarily way. Juergen shows you 10 of the most important things to modify.

Building your Open Source projects with VSTS and Azure – Edward Thomson

13:00 English

GitHub is the home for millions of developers to host and review code, manage projects and much more. In this demo heavy session, you’ll learn how to build your .NET open source projects using a Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline powered by Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) using our cloud-hosted Windows, Linux and Mac build agents for any app type you’re targeting.

Internet of everything: let’s talk about IoT and Azure – Angelo Gino Varrati

14:00 English & Italian

Everyone use internet all day and all night long, so let’s talk about clouds with Microsoft Azure and let’s talk about all thing are all around us.

Demos are cool, but it is time to talk about the real world! – Gabriel Lara Baptista

15:00 Brazilian Portuguese & English

Microsoft tools and environment are incredibly fantastic and so do the demos we have! It is time to talk about the real world, discussing about how .NET, .NET Core, Visual Studio, VSTS and Azure makes the difference in real use cases.

What’s new with F# 4.5 – Phillip Carter

16:00 English

Have you heard? F# 4.5 is out! This new version of F# brings some wonderful capabilities with Span<T> and lower-level programming, better stack traces for async programming, and much more. In this talk, you’ll learn all about F# 4.5 and how you can use it today!

Cognitive Services in Xamarin Applications – Veronika Kolesnikova

17:00 English

Are you interested in machine learning, but don’t know where to start? Worry no more! You don’t have to have special education to integrate artificial intelligence in all kinds of applications fast and easy. I’ll show you all benefits of Cognitive Services. You’ll feel like a real data scientist.

A lap around / Uma visão geral do – Maira Wenzel

18:00 Brazilian Portuguese & English has completely changed how we do documentation at Microsoft. In this session, you’ll learn about the journey to open source the .NET documentation, including its API reference. You’ll explore and get tips on how to find what you need quickly and efficiently. You’ll understand how we’re using docs to build an even stronger .NET community and find out how you can take part in that by helping us make the .NET documentation even better in English or in your native language! This session will be first presented in English and then in Brazilian Portuguese. mudou completamente como fazemos a documentação na Microsoft. Nesta sessão, você aprenderá sobre a jornada para transformar a documentação em software livre (open source), incluindo a documentação das APIs. Você irá explorar e aprender como encontrar o que você precisa de uma maneira rápida e eficiente. Você entenderá como nós estamos usando a documentação para criar uma comunidade .NET ainda mais forte e aprenderá como você pode fazer parte disso nos ajudando a fazer a documentação .NET ainda melhor em inglês ou português! Essa sessão será apresentada primeiro em inglês e a parte final será em português.

Retro Computing with .NET – Miguel De Icaza

19:00 English

The command-line is back in-style and we’ve been building some cool tools to take advantage of  the command-line on Windows, Mac, and Linux.   In this session we will talk about the technologies that can help .NET developers create applications to be used from the command line or to create textual user interfaces that run cross-platform.

Have Your Pi and Eat It Too: .NET Core 2.1 on Raspberry Pi – Cam Soper

20:00 English

The open source, cross-platform design of .NET Core opens up all kinds of new possibilities for .NET developers. This talk teaches the attendee how to install the .NET Core runtime on the ultimate IoT platform, Raspberry Pi and unlock the potential of IoT devices for .NET developers!

Marten: Postgresql backed Document Db and Event Store for .NET Development – Jeremy D. Miller

21:00 English

Want the productivity gains of a NoSQL approach with ACID compliance and the ability to fall back to SQL when needed? Interested in event sourcing but don’t want all different infrastructure for that? Come check out Marten and Postgresql!

.NET Core CLI and Global Tools – Kathleen Dollard

22:00 English

.NET Core CLI you work from the command line, outside Visual Studio. You might do this if you’re developing on a Mac or Linux box, because you prefer it, or to automate processes. You’ll learn how easy it is to use, check out the great documentation, and see how to get tab completion specific to the shell you’re using. You can also extend the CLI by writing global tools or using global tools other people have written. See how fast it is to create a global tool and the road map for the future tool ecosystem for .NET Core.

Make Games with .NET using Visual Studio, Unity, and PlayFab – Jb Evain & John Miller

23:00 English

Unity is a content-creation environment for making cross-platform games and experiences. With Visual Studio Tools for Unity, you’ll be able to write code, debug, and leverage all the productivity features your familiar with. Join this session to get an introduction to developing with Unity and Visual Studio. We’ll show you how to create C# scripts, edit a 3D scene, debug with Visual Studio and more. We’ll also introduce you to PlayFab, the complete backend platform for live games.

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