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02May 12
Blog, Data, SQL Server

The Quality of Data

With the introduction of SQL Server 2012 we now have a dedicated facility for the management of data quality, aptly named Data Quality Services. So what exactly does this entail? The first…

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13Dec 11
Blog, SQL Server

Sequential Unique Identifiers

Using Globally Unique Identifiers as the primary key for SQL Server database tables has become common place in physical database design. It replaces the use of int identifiers and the IDENTITY clause which date…

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30Oct 11
Blog, SQL Server

DDL and Transactions

When I started in database management many years ago I worked exclusively on Oracle and I got used to the fact that transactions worked with the DML statements SELECT, INSERT,…

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30Sep 11
Blog, How-To, SQL Server


SQL Server Denali contains a new database object called SEQUENCE that delivers sequential numbers. It complements the existing IDENTITY construct that has a similar objective. IDENTITY has been around as…

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