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A Host of Exciting New Features Arrive to Azure SQL

We use the range of Azure SQL in our apps and are excited to see quite a lot of new features hit Azure SQL recently.

Generally Available – Azure SQL MI Link for SQL Server 2022

Get connected to the power of Azure without the need to migrate. Using this link you can offload or scale-out read-only workloads and analytics. This will provide hybrid flexibility and database mobility.

Aside from the benefits to your on-premises workloads, when you are looking at migrating to the cloud, you mitigate risks with this link as you can validate your workloads in Azure before migrating. Therefore, hopefully, creating a seamless and instant migration.

You can find out more about this feature in the SQL Server blog.

Generally Available – Log Replay Service for SQL Managed Instance

Log Replay Service (LRS) has long underpinned the Azure Database Migration Service. However, back in February, the underlying LRS was exposed in public preview to aid those organisations struggling with the Azure Database Migration Service.

The main improvements now available in the general release are:

  • Resumable Restore: Migrations are now suspended and resumed automatically in case of impactful patches or updates. This removes the previous 36-hour window to migrate.
  • No CHECKSUM required: The mandatory CHECKSUM has now been removed.
  • Support for Managed Identity: Restore backups from Azure Blob Storage with managed identities authentication.
  • Detailed Progress Report: For easier monitoring and debugging a detailed migration progress status report is now provided.

Check out this blog to get more insight into each of these improvements.

Update to Monitoring Azure SQL Database Restore Progress

Previously using T-SQL, the only progress view available was 0 (not started), 50 (in progress) and 100 (complete). However, for large restores, this did not provide a lot of insight. Now you can view restore progress granularly with 0 (not started) 1-99 (in progress and indicating how far along the progress is in percentage) and 100 (complete).

This applies to all service tiers of Azure SQL Database including Hyperscale. However, it is only available using T-SQL, not via API, Portal etc.

You can read more about this feature in the Azure SQL blog.

Public Preview – Azure SQL Trigger for Azure Functions

Azure SQL trigger, now available in Premium and Dedicated plans can invoke Azure Functions when a row in a SQL database is created, updated or deleted.

This trigger is compatible with Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance and SQL Server.

You can see the release announcement for this feature here.

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