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A Look at Innovative Application Development Currently Underway

As specialists in custom application development, we are constantly developing a variety of solutions for different business challenges. The array of technical expertise within our team means we can take on a multitude of challenges and solve them in innovative and different ways with the range of modern technology available.

Here we look at three recent and current app development projects, their unique challenges, and the solutions we’ve developed for them.

Developing an Application to Forecast and Analyse Azure Resource-Spend

We are currently working on a Pipeline Forecasting & Analysis Application for a tech company working in the Defence and Intelligence space. The application is a port of a complex spreadsheet solution that will allow the team to forecast and analyse Azure resource-spend on large-scale defence projects via Power BI reports. As well as manage assets related to the projects via the web application.

The application will consist of a Blazor web application (WASM ASP.NET hosted model), Azure Functions triggers to perform calculations when data changes, Power BI reports, Power BI integration via the Power BI API, Graph API integration to enhance user management, and supporting Azure infrastructure.

The Creation of a System for Revaluation Periods of UK Business Rates

We provide ongoing development and support to a real estate company, specifically for their business rates platform running in the Azure cloud. A big milestone was reached at the start of April when the new revaluation period for UK business rates began and our application successfully went live.

At the inception of the project, the company had a vision of a system that could seamlessly transition from one revaluation to the next. This was a challenging proposition to design and realise, with new requirements continuing to emerge just days before the start of the new revaluation period. However, we have worked very closely with the key business stakeholders to bring their vision into reality.

Our choice of technology stack has been key in enabling us to rapidly implement and deliver new features for the milestone. The front end has been implemented using the Angular SPA open-source framework from Alphabet. The Rating API and backend processes have been implemented using the Microsoft .NET Core framework and Azure SQL Databases. All these technologies are mature, robust, and fully featured which enables quicker development compared to those previously available.

The continuous delivery processes we have in place have been key in enabling us to reach this milestone successfully. We regularly deploy new versions of the platform with a high degree of confidence backed up by our test automation framework. This, combined with an experienced and stable team of developers who have built up invaluable domain knowledge, has ensured our client will be able to rely on their new cloud platform for many years to come.

Developing an Integration Application To Automate the Management of Telecoms Mast Assets

This application is automating an Excel creation process for the asset management and billing functions of a telecoms company. The application consumes multiple files from different locations (SFTP & SharePoint) and multiple systems, extracting the data and loading this into a database where it is then transformed during multiple stages following business-defined rules and applying calculations across multiple datasets.

The output of the application is multiple Excel documents that are uploaded to our client’s SharePoint tenant for use in managing billing and assets across the company.

The architecture/infrastructure is based in Azure and managed in code using BICEP. Resources for this project are Serverless SQL Database, Azure Functions, Azure Service Bus, Storage Accounts for blob storage, Dashboards & Alerts, and Application insights.

Custom Development with Transparity Ballard Chalmers

As Microsoft-focussed app development project experts for over 16 years, we have developed applications across a range of sectors using constantly evolving technology. If you’d like to see any projects in more depth, why not check out our case studies? If you have a project in mind and would like to see how we can help, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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