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Azure Active Directory Privileged Identity Management Integration with Azure Lighthouse

Azure Active Directory Privileged Identity Management (Azure AD PIM) integration with Azure Lighthouse, brings us another step towards Zero Trust and least privilege access.

Azure Lighthouse is a simple but useful tool that allows a client company to control access to its network/resources with respect to the service providers that it has appointed to manage those network/resources. Within Azure Lighthouse, the service provider creates an offer requiring the client to elevate the service provider’s access to a privileged role before work can be done on the client’s network.

It is simple to create an Azure AD PIM-enabled Azure Lighthouse offer. Once the client accepts, you can activate an Azure role through an easy-to-use portal experience – which only allows eligible roles to be activated.

Additionally, these capabilities are free to the client, as they are covered by the service provider’s tenant – win-win all round.

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This blog, Privileged Identity Management with Azure Lighthouse enables Zero Trust gives a useful example of how this can be applied and you can find out more about Azure Lighthouse and Azure AD PIM here Privileged identity management (PIM) – Microsoft Security.

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