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Azure Consultancy for our New client, Coverwise

CoverwiseCoverwise, engaging with the Transparity Group, is making the most of what we as a group can offer. Transparity began work with an Azure Infrastructure review and here at Ballard Chalmers, we carried out an Azure development review.

Through Azure consultancy, we were able to provide insight and recommendations to ensure that the development practice at Coverwise is performant and secure.

The Azure development review included:

  • Software Architecture including Back end and Front end
  • Development and Test Processes
  • Security, Privacy and Pen Test Results
  • Azure DevOps: Backlog management and automated build and deployment

Ongoing Partnership with Coverwise

Now that the reviews have been completed, Coverwise has engaged Ballard Chalmers in a larger scoping engagement.

The primary aim of the scoping exercise is to identify the path to completion of the new ‘operational backbone’ of the Coverwise system. This includes a range of platforms as part of the operational core and will be both standardised and reusable across product lines and territories, allowing their rapid adoption and integration into new and replacement business streams.


Coverwise Ltd is an International General Insurance Intermediary, headquartered in Gibraltar, and partners with major global insurers to offer insurance policies on a Direct-To-Consumer basis.

“Fulfilling the expectations of our Policyholders is fundamental to the ethos of Coverwise. We look forward to working with Ballard Chalmers as we enhance our ability to support the 3.3 million Policyholders who have chosen us in the last twelve months and provide operationally excellent systems and infrastructure for the future.”  – Mark Shaw, CEO, Coverwise

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