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Azure Payment HSM Achieves PCI PIN Certification

Azure is the first hyperscale cloud service provider to obtain certification in Payment Card Industry Personal Identification Number (PCI PIN). More specifically it is Azure Payment HSM which now has this capability.

If you don’t already know this Azure product, the full name is Azure Payment Hardware Security Module. It is a bare metal infrastructure as a service which provides cryptographic key operations for real-time payment transactions in Azure.

This new certification reduces the compliance burden for any organisation using Azure Payment HSM as the Azure PCI PIN Attestation of Compliance addresses Azure’s portion of responsibility. Additionally, a ready-made responsibility matrix helps reduce the time and effort expended by organisations in their own assessments by simplifying the compliance process.

Though this is not yet available in our main Azure region, it is a great advancement. We hope to see it arrive here soon.

For detailed documentation on the attestation of compliance, you can download it here. You do need an account with Azure for access.

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