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Azure SQL Database Ledger

We are excited to hear about the release of Azure SQL Database Ledger as an alternate to blockchain. Though it has only been released into preview in the West Central US currently, it is sure to roll out to the UK soon.

For enterprises with centralised systems who want the capability of proving data integrity, this should be a game-changer. Blockchain requires a new system with data migration, new business logic and more and that is a large job.

Azure SQL database Ledger does not require any migration of data or alterations to apps. You simply need to enable ledger functionality and continue as usual.

The ledger feature uses the same cryptographic patterns as blockchain technology. This means you can detect if your data has been maliciously altered and restore it to the original. It has all the capabilities of differentiating between these malicious changes and alterations made by your applications.

You can read more about the features available here: Announcing Azure SQL Database ledger – Microsoft Tech Community or take a deep dive into the documentation Azure SQL Database ledger documentation – Azure SQL Database | Microsoft Docs

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