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Ballard Chalmers joins Microsoft in pledge for responsible AI development

Ballard Chalmers has been a Microsoft Gold Partner since inception in 2005 and today we are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with Microsoft in signing a Partner Pledge for responsible AI development. This reaffirms our commitment to use AI in an ethical way, consistent with AI design principles such as:

o Fairness – Use AI to drive efficiencies while protecting dignity and guarding against bias;

o Accountability – Decisions made by AI must be accountable to citizens and consumers;

o Explainable – AI must be explainable and understandable;

o Ethics – AI must assist humanity and respect rights, such as privacy.

In line with the pledge our organisation will also strive to wherever possible, ensure we are promoting apprenticeships, such as by reviewing minimum requirements in selection criteria for early-in-career roles – particularly whether a degree is truly required or not; and look to ensure a diverse workforce.

We have also pledged to be an ambassador of Microsoft UK’s Digital Skills Programme, by raising internal awareness for our staff to take advantage of all opportunities to provide them with new skills training.

Such goals align with our existing practices and acknowledge the role we in the technology industry can play in addressing broader societal concerns and challenges.

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