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Ballard Chalmers Team Summer Party

This weekend, the Ballard Chalmers team met up in beautiful Kent with the sun shining for our first post-lockdown get-together.

Working remotely from all over the UK, we are lucky to have expert technology keeping us connected through Teams, SharePoint and more. However, you can’t beat some face-to-face time and this Saturday 2nd of July we got together on the beautiful grounds of our very own Geoff Ballard’s home.

Having added eighteen permanent staff over the last year, and with fully remote work, it was a really great experience to meet our new colleagues in person. As well as see our old hands and even meet some of those joining the team in the coming weeks.

Special shout out to Susan for arranging the event, Geoff and Marijke for hosting, Mary-Rose and Justin for the photos, Millie the dog for all the love and the Pizza Post burger vans for catering.

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